Import and export express delivery of documents and goods, intended for individual or corporation, whose amount and frequency not characterize trade or industrial use a maximum amount of US $ 3,000.00 (three thousand US dollars) in this mode import apply the Simplified Taxation System - RTS.

Electronic customs clearance online connected with customs - Harpy system, Mantra and Siscomex, Import and Export, Anvisa, Ministry of Agriculture, Anatel, Ibama among others.

Release import and export unaccompanied baggage in formal mode with customs broker.
We offer the release of simplified export through DSE - Simplified Export Declaration to US $ 50,000.00 (fifty thousand US dollars) without the need for qualifications in RADAR.

In addition to our logistics services international and domestic express, we offer advice to import and export goods and services to individuals and companies of any product, regardless of its origin.
We have a specialized team for car import and new and used motorcycles (above 30 years of use), with a differentiated service that can include searching and buying abroad.



We also work in the road transport sector and offer a differentiated service with hydraulic platforms up to 10 meters for car transport, buses, trucks, boats and machines.
We also perform the assemblage of air cargo and sea, consolidated or not, with personalized service door to door.



The e-commerce is a global reality, it offers convenience, comfort, safety and product diversification.
Buy your product in the US, direct to our nearest office and receive in your home.
For international purchases, there is a need some care, as the supplier's suitability (store, dealer or factory) and, especially, knowledge of tax rules imposed by the IRS.
The delivery of goods imports expressed or international air parcels are subject to simplified taxation, RTS (Simplified Taxation System), applied in international purchases made over the Internet or gifts received.

Product or well up to US $ 3,000.00 (three thousand US dollars) tax = 60% of well informed on the commercial invoice.
* Adding to the value of international freight and insurance, if not included in the value of the product.

** VAT of 18% calculated on the value of the merchandise plus tax due 60%.
• Books, newspapers and periodicals on paper do not pay taxes pursuant to article 150, VI, "d" of the Constitution.
• It is not allowed to import goods or orders in amount and frequency that characterize trade.



We offer a mailbox in the US within our facilities.
This system allows the user to make purchases, receive documents, magazines, newspapers and gifts to Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, whether from the United States or any other country. All with total security, privacy and care that your order deserves.
Simply click here, enter register, fill in the fields and pay the semiannual rate of $ 65.00, and voila! Your mailbox is ready to use.



We also offer our customers the service of bringing your luggage back to the target source. For those who have recently traveled abroad and could not bring all your purchases, we bring to you in a way that does not hinder your trip and simplified taxation.
There is no limit values, only a few restrictions products.
We carried out the release by the Brazilian customs and deliver to your door. Please contact us.
Visit link and learn about the unaccompanied baggage:



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