The LOG3EX Logistics is an express logistics company specializing in the release of documents, e-commerce, samples without commercial value, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, books, urgent orders, biological and other materials.
We operate in international service with experience in the consolidation area and deconsolidation of courier charges, ensuring quality and confidence necessary to meet the standards and customer requirements and customs. We also work in the transport of cargo air, sea and road.
We always seek to offer practical, efficient and customized to our customers.






Headquartered in São Paulo, East Side, we are strategically located near the Guarulhos International Airport and Congonhas, with easy access to major road corridors and just 70 kilometers from the Port of Santos.
With an efficient and expert staff, the LOG3EX is among the companies authorized to deal with the Customs at the International Airport of Guarulhos (GRU), in São Paulo, offering a complete operational structure.
In the United States, we have a next operational base to Miami International Airport and a few miles from the Port of Miami, ready to receive and send everywhere in America or the world.

11 2211 7632



Rua Glória do Goita, 377 - Jd. Independência

CEP 03222-010 - São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil.

+55 (11) 2211 7632



8220 NW 30 TH Terrace

Miami, FL, 33122

+1 (305) 436 2800



Av. San Jose, S/N

Cdad. del Este


+595 973 737373


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